Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warrior Epic Closed Beta Sign-Ups and New Website Announced

True Games Interactive, an general publishing house of multi-player online games, has launched a code brand new website for a rarely expected Online movement MMORPG, Warrior Epic ( Along with many brand new facilities to a website, True Games is unapproachable to have known which it is right away usurpation sing-ups for players who goal to be partial of a arriving sealed beta exam for a game. The sealed beta exam will usually have a singular series of spots accessible so those meddlesome in being partial of it have been speedy to pointer up right away during for a possibility to qualify.

“It’s an sparkling time for both True Games as good as Possibility Space as we see all a elements of a work upon Warrior Epic entrance together,” pronounced Jeff Lujan, Founder as good as Chairman of True Games Interactive. “The website looks extraordinary as good as offers gamers a good demeanour during what is to come for a game. We have been vacant during how many people wish to be partial of a sealed beta so we entice we to pointer up right away for your chance!”

The overwhelming brand brand brand brand brand new website introduces brand brand brand brand brand new report as good as visuals upon a sparkling environments in a game, along with a hide look during a soldier halls; which fool around a pass purpose in a game. Fans can additionally check out as good as knowledge in a village forums as good as download cold wallpapers, shade shots as good as videos from a media downloads page.

About Warrior Epic Warrior Epic ( is an online, movement role-playing diversion set in an strange anticipation universe. In a game, players will pretence authority of a Warrior Hall from which they conduct their characters’ adventures. They can partisan from a far-reaching form of Warrior Classes, any with a own character of play. The Classes as good as a Hall itself can be upgraded visually as good as functionally. Players journey together in multiplayer campaigns, journey mode, piece for one person quests as good as PVP.

One of a many singular aspects of Warrior Epic is which genocide does not meant a finish of a warrior. Instead, it opens all brand brand brand brand brand new as good as vital options for players. The game’s singular Warrior Spirits System enables depressed warriors to not usually be regenerated during any time during their hall, though additionally to be remade in to Spirits which can be firm to weapons to enlarge as good as open arms abilities as good as skills, or they can be called out to inflict large repairs depending upon player needs.

Unlike many MMO’s today, Warrior Epic will suggest players a gratifying online knowledge even if they have usually a couple of hours a week to play. One of a ways Warrior Epic achieves this is by putting a complicated importance upon focused, session-based missions. These 20-30 notation sessions concede a player to have poignant swell in regards to leveling their Warrior, gaining loot, as good as accomplishing some-more in a most shorter timeframe than alternative existent games. For one more sum upon Warrior Epic as good as for successive updates upon a game, greatfully visit: